About Us

NGOs.Work is the world wide platform to display and disseminate the information and progress by the organizations call NGOs. Here you can paste and find the recently available jobs, Call for Proposal, Expression of Interest and the activities as well as events of different organizations from different parts of the world. This is a platform which benefits diverse groups of social development by sharing supportive events. The Activity page successfully captures the spirit of the organizations, beginning with a heartwarming text about there mission and photographs of empowered communities who represent their beneficiaries.

The website is user friendly just like fakebook so that it could channel positive vibes. Parallax scrolling helps to engage visitors even more, allowing the areas of color and photographs to shift throughout the page as they browse. One can also share the posts and import topics through Blog page in the same website.

We are working to add some tabs and links for placing calls-to-action on the Activity page – a “Donate” button, and a slider at the bottom of the page – so that visitors are could be invited to become members of the particular organization.

The NGOs.Work is a Non-Profit Intervention as the brand behind this website clearly means No business.

All in all this website exemplifies a unity with the qualities of the online publication, which aims to inspire innovation and act as a space to share new developmental ideas.


Dr. Muhammad Saqqaf Yasir, Adv                                                                                                                                             

Ph.D. (Scholar), MA(International Relations)                                                                                                    MSc(Sociology), SEMP (LUMS-McGill), LLB.

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