Explanation of Risk Potential impactHigh/Medium/Low Probability High/Medium/Low Mitigation measures Community may not respond/ be interested in engaging E   High Low Develop the project in line with requests from the community Health staff atthe community clinics may be disinterested or disallowed from engaging with the project E High Low Ensure health staff understand the benefits […]


We will monitor the performance by using monthly process evaluation reports that will gather detailed information about the intervention including women’s group activities. The PCP district office will send the report to head office and the process evaluation officer will be responsible for analysing the information and providing feedback to respective teams for further improvement […]


At the PCP Dhaka office, existing staff except a newly recruited Process Evaluation Officerwill manage and implement this project. The PCP Bogra district office closed in June 2013 (as the RCT came to an end) so we will recruit new field staff. We anticipate that some of the applicants for these new district positions may […]


PCP’s workin Bogra since 2002 has resulted in strong links with field level government staff, particularly at community clinics, union health and family welfare centres and upazila health complexes – we will work with each of these partners to implement the project. The beneficiary communities will also be important partners and the majority of the […]


The project is not expected to have negative environmental impacts. The project’s own carbon footprint will be minimised by use of electronic communications and mobile phone data collection and locating the project team near to the communities. International travel will be minimal.


This project is needed to address the poor state of maternal and newborn health (MNH) in Bogra district in northern Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a densely populated country of almost 150 million people, 35% of whom live in rural areas. Bangladesh ranks 146th among nations on the HDI (UNDP, 2011). Despite impressive economic growth rates of […]


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