At the PCP Dhaka office, existing staff except a newly recruited Process Evaluation Officerwill manage and implement this project. The PCP Bogra district office closed in June 2013 (as the RCT came to an end) so we will recruit new field staff. We anticipate that some of the applicants for these new district positions may be former PCP Bogra district staff but we will conduct an open and competitive recruitment process. The main system changes concern 1. Using mobile phones for data collection rather than using questionnaires (saving time and avoiding human error); 2.Using incentivised facilitators instead of paid facilitators and 3. Ensuring a population coverage of one women’s group per 500 population (as above). We have reduced the project to 30 months because we feel this will include adequate time to conduct all the training necessary, to implement the women’s groups and health system strengthening interventions and allow time for advocacy and dissemination.

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